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CT016 2-In-1 Pet Cuddler Bed

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Type: Pet Bed

Healthy and Safe Material

Filling Material: 0.8in/ 2cm thick standard PU supporting foam.  The materials used in our pet Cuddler bed are just perfect, they are soft, supportive and resilient. With the proper structural support, the Cuddler won’t confine cats or small sizes dogs and gives just enough space for rest, play and sleep.  

Cover: Soft fleece fabric on top and one side of the cushion. Breathable linen type fabric for the lower structure and the opposite side of the cushion. Napped fabric on the  inside is warm and inviting.  Anti-skid fabric on the bottom. Fabric composition: 100% polyester.

Anti-skid: Anti-skid fabric on the bottom keeps the bed from sliding around the floor.  

Easy to Clean: The cushion is easily removed.  It can be machine washed or spot cleaned with mild soap and water.  

Reversible: One side of cushion is made of a soft and warm fleece fabric, suitable for cold temperatures. The opposite side is made of breathable and fresh linen type fabric, suitable for warmer temperatures.  

Secured Privacy: This pet bed is designed like a mini tent. This is good for pets who  love to wedge themselves into small spaces to rest or sleep. With the enclosed design, your pet has its own space - secure and private, a special sanctuary away from the outside world.  

 2-In-1: With and easy motion, the Cuddler can be compressed into standard bed.  Soft and cuddly, you can use open as a bed or when your pet wants to be out in the action.  If your pet needs some private time, simply pop open the top and create the private sanctuary your pet requires.  A true convertible 2-in-1 pet bed.