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CT004 Egg Crate Bamboo Charcoal Foam/Memory Foam Pet Bed

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Healthy and Safe Material

Filling Material:

Version A - 4in/ 10cm thick Bamboo-charcoal Infused PU support foam, feels soft but supportive. Compared with memory foam, regular PU foam rebounds quickly after being compressed and is much more supportive and breathable. It is an economical alternative.   

Version B - 4in/ 10cm thick Bamboo-charcoal Infused PU memory foam, relieves tiredness and pain, making your pet totally relaxed! Memory foam is famous for its “Zero Pressure”. Compared with regular foam, it rebounds slowly after being compressed, absorbs and resolves body pressure, adjusts to the spine, allowing your pet to feel totally relieved without any pressure.

Bamboo charcoal is universally acknowledged as a natural air purifier. This charcoal infused material will help to control odors around your pet when they are resting or sleeping on this pet bed.

Cover: Linen type fabric on the top is breathable and durable. 3D mesh fabric on the sides provides for increased air flow. Anti-skid fabric on the bottom. Fabric Composition for outer cover: 100% polyester. Water resistant nylon inner cover.

Excellent Air Flow: 3D eggcrate Carved foam is an excellent air-flow system, keeping things cool and fresh. Linen type and 3D mesh fabric help to enhance the ventilation.

Anti-skid: Anti-skid fabric on the bottom keeps the cushion from sliding around.

Water-resistant: Water-resistant inner cover protects the filling foam from being soiled  by urine or other liquids.

Easy to Clean: It can be spot clean with mild soap and water, or you can remove the cover and machine wash.  Cover removes easily with zipper. The cover can also be cleaned with a light vacuum.